Your Improvement Opportunity for 2014

My CEM improvement programme provides organisations with a structured, practical solution to improving productivity, reducing frustration, increasing standards and winning new business. It’s a 3 step process, each delivering specific value.

I’m now offering the first phase, Clarify, to new clients in 2014 for £1500.

There are 4 distinct steps that I take my clients through during the Clarify phase:

1 – Identify the problems

2 – Establish their impact on the business

3 – Define root cause

4 – Generate solutions

The benefits are as follows:

  • Making sure the resulting improvement efforts are focused on the right things
  • Reduces the risk of project failure and deploying resources on the wrong issues
  • Obtain real clarity on how the current problems affect the business – systems, people, attitudes, costs, time, customers
  • Ability to create a case for improvement, and the next step in the programme.

This is a terrific opportunity to finally rid your company of the frustrations, fire-fighting, complexity, customer complaints, long lead times, increasing costs and poor standards – and get it into shape for your best year yet.

For more information, contact me on 07986 442979 or

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