Why You Should be Working with Standards

standards1There are 1000’s of standards out there, covering almost everything imaginable. Last week I read about how the bungee-jumping industry is creating a standard to standardise best practice and mitigate risks! So it is very likely that standards exist for whatever it is that your business provides.

Business standards exist to provide confidence in our products and our services. They influence decision-makers.

Here are 7 considerations for you:

  1. Using standards helps organisations improve the quality of their products and services, leading to more satisfied customers and a more profitable business.
  2. Standards are an effective way to convince potential customers that you meet the highest and most widely respected levels of quality, service and reliability.
  3. Complying with standards provides businesses with competitive advantage when bidding in a tender process.
  4. Standards help protect your reputation, for example, data protection, environmental responsibility and business continuity.
  5. Increasing your standards will improve productivity and efficiency. You will experience fewer mistakes, less fire-fighting and reduced workplace stress.
  6. Using standards is the best way to ensure your business meets the necessary regulation requirements. Keep legal, and keep peace of mind!
  7. Finally, if you are considering exporting, goods need to meet specifications defined by EU directives, and perhaps bear the CE mark – standards help with this process by making sure you understand what is required and providing a blueprint to follow.

So, perhaps in 2015 you will consider the use of standards to improve your business internally, but also externally and use them to attract and win new contracts, tenders and new customers.

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