Why Use You?

What are the triggers for contacting your organisation for help? Have you identified the experiences your clients had before they decided to contact you?

If not, have a go. It’s a powerful exercise. You may find that:

  • your products and services need modifying so that they accurately meet the needs of your customers
  • there are opportunities to develop new products or services
  • some of your products and services aren’t appropriate anymore
  • there is a whole new market that you should be tapping in to

I’ve done this several times, and the last time I performed the analysis, it confirmed that my business has started to shift towards helping organisation’s to grow; my services are becoming more attractive to the business development requirements of an organisation rather than operations which has been the focus for several years.

Here’s my analysis which I did last week:

Have a go yourself. What does it tell you? Does it confirm you are doing the right things, or should you be changing your strategy?

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