What Happens if I Don’t Transition?

Ouch! We talk a lot about what to do to upgrade to the latest 2015 versions of standards, but what happens if we choose not to?

Put simply, there are a number of implications should an organisation decide not to transition by the deadline:

  • The organisation cannot claim approval by the certification body
  • The existing ‘old’ certificates will no longer be valid and will be withdrawn
  • The company cannot accept customer orders in which ISO approval is a condition of the contract or sale
  • The organisation will have to notify customers, where approval is a requirement, of the invalid ISO certificate
  • The organisation will not be permitted to promote certification
  • Finally, the company will need to withdraw any documents and marketing materials that bear the certification body’s approval marks, e.g. on vehicles, websites, letterheads, etc.

For ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, time is rapidly running out.

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