Week in Review / Remote Services

I think that this week has been a voyage of discovery for most, to say the least! We have all had to adapt to new circumstances and work out ways to continue in business whilst meeting the guidelines set by the UK Government.

Working remotely from home has been a transition that many probably didn’t expect to have to make, but it’s now a reality. Companies have fewer resources, sites have closed, and we are all having to step up. Now is not the time to compromise quality.

For me, I have been working 100% remotely for over a week now. I’m delivering all consultancy, coaching and 3rd party certification audits remotely. I’m using Skype, MS Teams, email and good old fashioned telephone comms more than ever!

With that in mind, and the fact that many organisations have implemented a skeleton staff or completely closed offices, I’ve been asked if I can support some companies to help them to retain certifications or manage their quality management systems without being present. In response, I have developed a number of remote services to help organisations get over this difficult period and retain their important certifications. Currently, I am helping clients to continue with their internal audits, management reviews and maintain continual improvement – all remotely with no requirement to meet. More information can be found here.

Get in touch with any questions you have over this challenging period, and do follow the guidelines; stay safe and well.

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