Week in Review

Here are a few thoughts from the past couple of weeks:

  • The value of accredited certification rather than just ‘certification’ – to be taken seriously, organisations really have to seek accredited certification. Modern vetting processes see through the gaps, and as ever, if you are going to do something, it may well be done right!
  • If you are seeking certification to a standard, or about to be audited against a standard – READ THE STANDARD!! Don’t expect to be certified against something you haven’t read!
  • The value of coaching. Having someone at the end of a phone or an email for advice on a situation can be invaluable, as demonstrated by a client recently. We are all still learning, and coaching at any time of our career can be hugely rewarding. My coaching has recently helped my clients with:
    • Interpreting ‘quality’ within the context of the organisation – what does quality mean and how does it affect the company both positively and negatively
    • Understanding quality requirements and how to prioritise them based on the needs of the company and their interested parties
    • Defining the role of the quality manager
  • The power of a solid and supportive networks, both professionally and personally. We never know when we are going to need to call on them.
  • Process. Everything is process.

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