Waste Not, Want Not

Some of my best clients have managed to systematically reduce the amount of waste in their organisation and as a result, are more productive, agile, and have increased profits.

Yet during a conversation I had yesterday with the Director of a design business, he was ‘turned-off’ by the concept, and dismissed waste as being something that ‘manufacturers’ get involved in.

Every company generates waste. Waste is not always visible, being defined as any activity that does not add value to your business or to the customer.

Here are some categories that might help you identify, remove and benefit from reducing organisational waste:

  • Over-producing – doing more than the customer needs
  • Increasing inventory rather than to customers’ needs
  • Excessive transportation of work from 1 place to another
  • Excessive movement by person performing a task
  • Defects, errors, mistakes, reworking
  • Using sub-standard equipment not fit for the task
  • Under-utilised skills

Where is your waste occuring, and how are you going to remove it?

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