18/11/13 • Written in News

Top 5 Reasons to Improve

Reflecting on 2013, I have identified the 5 main resons for my clients wanting to improve. They are: Too much…

08/08/13 • Written in News

New Product! The C-E-M Programme

My new product launches this week. Shockingly, according to the Wall Street Journal, 60% of internal improvement projects fail. My…

01/02/13 • Written in News

Look Internally, not Externally

On several recent occasions I have been asked by my contacts about where they might find their barriers to growth….

12/09/12 • Written in News

Don’t Wait – Act!

In a previous post I discussed the importance of recognising barriers to growth. But once you have identified an area…

22/05/12 • Written in News

Standards for Business Growth

Standards are everywhere. They apply to almost everything in life. We have our own standards, and we have those which…

26/03/12 • Written in News

5 Quality Warning Signs

If you have customers, you work with quality. It’s as simple as that. However, that doesn’t mean you proactively manage quality in your…

09/03/12 • Written in News

Quality Q & A

I have attended a couple of networking events this week, and have shared many converstaions with managers and business owners….