Speech at The Met Club 21/11/12

I was guest speaker at The Met Club this afternoon at Aston Hall in Sheffield. My talk was based around my principle that business growth can be achieved without obsessing over sales, and covered 10 of the most common barriers to growth that I have helped my clients overcome to achieve dramatic growth.

Thanks to Lorraine & Christine from The Met Club, and to all attendees for the interesting debate that followed my speech.

As promised, here are the 10 barriers I discussed:

  1. Obsession with sales without support processes
  2. Working in instead of on the business or lack of direction/strategy/planning
  3. Reliance on old processes that worked in the past or poorly executed processes that add little value
  4. Disconnection between departments
  5. Poor customer satisfaction/complaints management
  6. Lack of standards – internal and external (industry)
  7. Lack of certification to management system standards, industry schemes, etc.
  8. Lack of, or no Corporate Social Responsibility
  9. High staff attrition rate
  10. Errors, mistakes, rework, returns, stress, frustration, time-wasting, fire-fighting

In summary, I suggested that to ensure growth:

  • identify the opportunities for growth
  • Identify the barriers – what is stopping us capitalising on these opportunities?
  • Take action!

And never ‘work the phones’!!

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