The Remote Quality Manager

Do you really need a full-time Quality Manager onsite? Sometimes, extraordinary events such as the 2020 outbreak of COVID-19 means a company becomes streamlined, people and time are limited, but quality simply cannot be compromised if the business is to survive.

Use of modern technology means we no longer have to work face to face all of the time. My clients find that using remote methods means they can get on with the things they are good at, and I can ensure they meet their quality requirements without taking their time and energy at site.

My remote services will help you to:

Keep up with your internal audit programme

I will conduct your internal audits in line with your programme without you having to perform them yourself or be in the same room. I will conduct the audits 100% remotely:

  • documents will be shared electronically for review
  • telephone conversations with personnel when required
  • Skype or Teams utilised where necessary

I will create audit checklists and audit reports, and keep your programme up to date until you can take over again.

Hold remote Management Reviews

I will ensure you meet requirements and create a meaningful management review, gathering information from various sources and pulling them together into a documented review – without the need for meetings.

Implement improvement

Let me gather customer data, details of product/service nonconformances and corrective actions, progress in meeting objectives and process data to ensure the system is continuing to provide value and business improvement. Evidence of improvement will be documented appropriately so that your system is fully compliant.

For more information, please contact me.