The Bulletproof Quality Manager

My coaching service enables quality managers to develop their skills to improve their quality management system processes and provide more effective feedback to top management.

Our sessions will provide the knowledge and skills required to maintain and continually improve an organisation’s quality obligations and management system. ISO 9001 will play a major part in the coaching, but the key value here is ‘future-proofing’ the quality management role, and may include other requirements that the company has to conform to and comply with.

As a Chartered Quality Professional with 25+ years experience in quality improvement consultancy, I will pass on my skills, knowledge and experiences to Quality Managers so that they can add immediate value and are prepared for the challenges ahead.

The benefits of coaching include:

1 to 1 guidance

Personalised, focused support

A sounding board

Opportunities to discuss issues and gain different perspectives


Benefit from the ability to frame issues, consider scenarios and ‘devils advocate’

The best advice

Gain from my experiences, best practice from other industries and organisations

I will support the Quality Manager regarding:

Requirements of a quality management system (based on ISO 9001 requirements).

How to identify how and where quality affects the organisation, positively and negatively

Understanding of the ‘requirements’ associated meeting quality requirements for the company

Implementation of controls needed to manage quality requirements

The internal audit requirements

Application of standards in the business

Certification requirements of the company and the certification process

Using quality techniques to generate real business improvements

Ensuring the organisation is legally compliant

Ensuring effective risk management

Approaches to effective analysis of data (including trend analysis and root cause analysis)

Defining the quality role, along with tasks and responsibilities

Challenges for quality managers and generating solutions

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