I work with organisations as a structured resource to provide services relating to quality management, including:

  • process definition and management
  • defining internal & external quality requirements and embedding them into the organisation
  • performance monitoring, trend analysis and improvement
  • achieve and maintain business standards
  • monitoring and improvement of system controls, procedures, checks and inspections
  • non-conformance management
  • Risk identification, assessment, mitigation and monitoring
  • Achieve and maintain business certifications (or accreditation)
  • business interruption analysis (including disaster) & continuity management systems
  • environmental impact analysis and associated systems
  • employee awareness, participation and training
  • management reviews
  • 1st party internal audit planning and implementation; reporting results and improvements
  • supplier/supply-chain monitoring of standards & 2nd party audits
  • customer satisfaction monitoring, trend analysis and improvement

Quality Management Services are offered on a time-based agreement (for example, 1 day p/w) over 12 months, tailored to your requirements.

Benefits to my clients

Reduced Costs

Enjoy the benefits of an in-house Quality Manager without the costs associated with employment

Best Practice

Always have up to date skills and industry best practice at your fingertips – no development & training costs

Only Pay for the Agreed Resource

Pay for what you need – and that’s all. I will only work for the time that we agree – whether that is 1 day a week or 1 day a month – whatever suits your requirements.

Get the Support Your Organisation Needs

A resource and contact, on-site, representing your company for all quality-related work

Access to an experienced and professionally-qualified, recognised expert, ensuring peace of mind.

External interested parties (customers, suppliers, certification bodies, industry groups, etc.) can liaise with a like-minded professional who is representing your organisation

Always be up to date with system and business standards, schemes and compliance requirements

For more information, please contact me.