Business Process Analysis and Improvement

Everything is process!

A process is a series of related activities that produce an outcome. Every organisation, large or small, is made up of a series of connected processes.

The problem is that we see businesses as collections of departments and job titles, yet value is delivered to customers through processes that cross departments and people, internally and externally.

Take control of your business by understanding the processes that drive it. Measure, monitor and improve these processes so that they provide real value to you and your customers.

Process analysis involves:

Define the context and objectives

What issues are we dealing with now? Who are our stakeholders? What are we trying to achieve?

Consider the organisation

What does the organisation look like now? Is there a chart? Are there clear responsibilities?

Define the key processes

What are the processes that deliver value to your customers? How do they interact with each other?

Document the system

Each process is documented, including objectives, owner, inputs/outputs, responsibilities, resources, risks, documents, performance measuring and the process flow itself


Each process document is then reviewed by the organisation for accuracy

Monitor performance

Each process is monitored. Trends are identified. Plans are made.


Changes are made to the processes to improve performance, reduce costs, increase productivity, provide assurance of quality, reduce stress, etc.

Start again!

Process management never ends and is a perpetual cycle consisting of all the steps described here

What's involved?

Creating an appropriate team or in some cases, identifying the appropriate individual

Brainstorming exercises

Process modelling

Process documentation

Setting tasks in between my on-site visits

Skills transfer to your staff

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