Auditing Services

The auditing process is conducted by either an internal or external auditor. The focus of any quality audit is to identify opportunities for improvement based on how effective the management is. Audits are conducted by independent auditors, meaning that they are not responsible for the performance of the process under review. Often, organisations prefer to use external auditing services because of the independence this brings and the potential for increased improvement findings based on best practice and benchmarking with other organisations. Of course, another advantage of using external auditors is that the organisations doesn’t have to worry about getting them done themselves!

I am an IRCA Certificated Auditor therefore I am able to manage your audits and identify ways to improve business performance

Keep up to date

ISO 9001 requires every certified organisation to plan and conduct internal audits based on a number of considerations. You can relax and allow me to schedule, conduct and report on audits in an efficient and effective way based on best current practice and ISO 19011: 2018

Enhance business performance

Through the process of an independent examination of your systems against a criteria such as ISO 9001, I will identify where processes can be more effective, efficient, faster, cheaper, and with less stressful. As an IRCA Certificated Auditor I conduct audits for many types of organisations and see a lot of best practice and continually benchmark, which you will directly benefit from.

So, what's involved?


I will consider the processes and their risks in your business and review previous audit results.

Using this information I will create a totally new audit schedule, indicating what is to be audited, when and by whom.


I will create effective checklists based on what is to be audited and the criteria to be audited against. Criteria is usually:

  1. the requirements of the process and management system by the company
  2. the appropriate requirements of ISO 9001, or other criteria (such as code of practice, contract, agreement, legislation, etc.)

I will record my findings as the audit progresses. Nonconformances or potential improvements will be highlighted.


I will generate a report of the findings of the audit and highlight concerns and opportunities for improvement.

Nonconformances will be recorded and follow up actions defined.

Finally, the audit schedule will be updated.

Examples of Auditing Services

  • Managing the internal audit programme
  • Gap analysis against ISO 9001 or other business standard
  • Supplier audits
  • External audits against defined criteria such as SLA’s, codes of practice, etc.

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