Sealing the Deal, London, May 2012

I’m thrilled to be attending a workshop in May run by Alan Weiss (of Summit Consulting and author of the classic ‘Million Dollar Consulting’). I came across Alan and his unique take on professional consulting a few years ago, around 2007, and after following his blog ( and reading his books, I managed to meet him in 2009 when I attended his Consulting Skills workshop in Rhode Island, USA.

Sealing the Deal is a workshop based around the language and behaviour needed when meeting with prospects. These meetings can be incredibly challenging, and as a consultant, you need to emerge from it with the information you need to create a proposal that will be accepted by the prospect. One of the challenges I have is the fact that I am often expected to have a day-rate, and provide the number of days required for the project. So it is my constant aim to educate my prospects that I don’t work like that (even though every other consultant does), and instead, I base my projects on value (derived from a number of objectives). This is what Alan is exceptional at and I can’t wait to spend some precious time with him to further my skills in truly understanding the needs of my clients and providing them with fantastic value.

Who is your ‘mentor’ or ‘hero’ in business, or in life? How are you using this person to further develop and challenge your skills?

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