Remote Audits & Feedback

Since March, during ‘lockdown’ and continuing through the next month, I have been heavily involved in the delivery of remote accredited certification audits for several certification organisations.

Have you recently taken part in a remote audit?

If so, how was your experience? Positive? Negative? Can’t wait until traditional audits are allowed?!

If you have taken part in a remote audit, I would love to hear about your experience. Many organisations have opted to postpone their audits due to lack of resource/furlough scheme, or they have simply been concerned about how a remote assessment would be conducted and how they would evidence one.

Most certification organisations will retain an element of remote assessment going forward. And so, with that in mind, I am happy to help, advise or simply put your mind at ease, should you require.

Contact me in the usual way

Some recent comments from my remote assessment clients:

  • It was lovely meeting you (virtually) and thank you for your patience with me during the assessment.
  • I found it very helpful and your comments and suggestions for improvement were all very constructive.
  • Alistair is very approachable and made the remote visits flow with ease.
  • Alistair made both assessment visits a pleasure to be part of.
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