Recognise your Barriers

Growth barriers manifest themselves in a variety of forms, and can occur many, many times during an organisation’s existence dependant upon internal and external factors (such as people, processes, markets, economic performance, etc.).

In my visual above, ‘Performance’ might be revenues, profits, market-share, or whatever is relevant for the business. Time is self-explanatory, but the barriers are experienced periodically, when the business is trying to achieve a form of growth (new client, new lucrative contract, new market, etc.) and finds that something is preventing that achievement.

The key is to plan well, and understand where your growth will come from. Then, decide what changes you need to make to ensure a smooth transition.

Barriers can take many forms; here are a few:

  • lack of confidence in the abilities of your organisation
  • not possessing the required certifications (such as ISO 9001)
  • standards being too low (service standards, internal standards or product standards)
  • reduced repeat business from current customers
  • not reacting to complaints
  • not meeting relevant regulations
  • internal fire-fighting and time-wasting

Any of these sound familiar?

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