So, what actually is Quality?

Good question!

The word ‘quality’ is abused! It is mis-used on a seemingly daily basis! You will hear the word used to describe a multitude of objects & experiences (‘that was a ‘quality’ meal!), and in general, the word is used incorrectly.

In basic terms, quality is the the degree to which a set of requirements have been met. To determine the level of quality, you compare characteristics (actual) against requirements (what it is supposed to be).

Therefore, the word itself cannot be used in isolation! Was it a ‘good’ quality meal or was it a ‘poor’ quality meal?

An object/experience that has characteristics that meets all of the requirements has high or excellent quality. If the characteristics fail to meet all requirements, the object has a low or poor quality.

So, a quality management system should help an organisation to ensure the characteristics of its products and services meet the requirements of its customers.


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