Quality Manager Self-Improvement

New for 2016 I am coaching Quality Managers to realise their potential in their organisations, and to educate them on the role itself and how it adds value to the success of the company.

Quality Managers and Quality Directors have many plates to juggle, including:

  • understanding and meeting the needs and requirements of all customers
  • Establishing systems to meet regulatory requirements
  • Protecting reputation and the negative impact of the company getting things wrong

We can always benefit from coaching, mentoring and training, and this service is specific to the needs of Quality personnel to ensure they are in the best position for 2016 to be their most influential, enjoyable and successful year to date.

Currently, I am working with Quality Managers in a variety of industries including manufacturing and food, dealing with a plethora of topics, including:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Dissemination of customer requirements throughput the organisation
  • Adoption of risk management across the company
  • Updating a management system to ISO 9001: 2015
  • Importance and benefits of taking a process approach to quality management
  • Effective approaches to establishing, implementing and maintaining a documented quality management system
  • Approaches to creating effective quality manuals and a useful documented system
  • Creating a customer-focused system
  • Identifying requirements not specified by customers
  • Approaches to monitoring customer satisfaction
  • The roles and responsibilities of quality managers and effective interaction with other departments/functions
  • Management of the internal audit process and development and implementation of an effective, risk-based audit programme
  • Approaches to identification and reporting of nonconformities
  • Ensuring effective corrective actions to help prevent recurrence of nonconformities
  • Ensuring effective preventive actions to ensure prevention of potential nonconformities
  • Approaches to effective analysis of data ( including trend analysis and root cause analysis)
  • Requirements for the management review process, various approaches to holding a review, and the role of the quality manager
  • Process of the external assessment of the QMS, role of external auditors, and effective communication and relationship with your external auditor/s Approaches to continual improvement (discussion of various approaches and good practice)
  • Challenges for quality managers and solutions for managing these challenges

For more information on the role of a Quality Manager, just get in touch or visit my website.

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