Quality Leadership

As World Quality Day 2017 approaches (more info here), you may be aware that this year’s theme is leadership.

So, how do you demonstrate quality leadership?

CQI identifies eight leadership characteristics of quality professionals. A quality leader should:

  • Have a clear vision for quality and continuous improvement, developing and implementing strategies that maximize their contribution toward an organization’s strategic goals
  • Be able to see across employment hierarchies and business functions to understand quality requirements from a holistic perspective
  • Advocate for the interests of customers and stakeholders, acting as the conscience of the organization and taking steps to intervene when necessary
  • Whenever possible, work directly with internal and external stakeholders to resolve issues and build better systems based on their requirements
  • Use evidence-based decision-making when appropriate, and not be afraid to question underlying assumptions when factual data contradicts them
  • Understand the tools, techniques and approaches used to ensure quality throughout the organization, and how their role fits in with this larger framework
  • Anticipate problems and make plans ahead of time to avoid them without compromising product or service quality
  • Take accountability for their role in the quality management system and set an example for others to do the same

Notice from the list above that they apply to all levels in any organisation. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to a company and serving an apprenticeship, or a seasoned executive; they are just as relevant in both scenarios. Anyone developing and demonstrating these skills will ensure the organisation enhances quality in everything it does.

How many of these characteristics do you think you demonstrate?

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