Quality Indicators

I always find it interesting to hear how organisations are alerted to how they are managing quality.

I make a point in asking the question to as many people as I can, and I always learn something new.

Here are a few responses from the past couple of months:

  • we noticed that we don’t seem to be able to hold onto staff in that area, and soon realised that the lack of controls in place were causing unnecessary stress
  • our conversion rates from quotes to orders have been dropping
  • things were just taking too long & I didn’t realise how much time we have been wasting
  • our internal audits appear to be a tick box exercise & we never find any of the problems we know exist
  • some people in our team make promises to people internally and to our customers, without realising the potential consequences and subsequently we often let each other down, and embarrassingly, occasionally our customers.
  • we have always used suppliers because they were the cheapest without realising the impact on ourselves and our customers. We now consider delivery performance, environmental impacts, packaging, regulations, and we know our customers are now getting a better, more consistent service.

I will continue to share the triggers that create positive action to improve quality as I receive them over the coming months. Hopefully you find them just as interesting as I do.

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