Quality Coaching

If you feel that you would benefit from structured and tailored 1 to 1 coaching (job-related) and mentoring (career/personal-related) support, to help you progress your role and career in the quality industry, then I have an offer that may be of interest.

I now have capacity for 1 coaching client, and I’m offering a package of support consisting of:

  • 2 visits to you per month – 1 to 1 sessions for half a day each
  • Telephone support up to 2 hours throughout the month
  • Unlimited email support

Support is tailored, but typically, you can expect that we will cover:

  • Interpreting ‘quality’ within the context of the organisation – what does quality mean and how does it affect the company both positively and negatively
  • Understanding quality requirements and how to prioritise them based on the needs of the company and their interested parties
  • Defining the role of the quality manager
  • Defining ‘requirements’ and how quality needs to meet them
  • Getting value from auditing
  • Best practice
  • Implementing ISO 9001
  • Delivering quality projects
  • Understanding legislation and other legal requirements and ensuring they are fulfilled
  • Managing time
  • Process definition and improvement
  • The role of standards in organisations
  • The certification process

The duration and cost of the support is based on requirements. Click here for more info or contact me here.

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