New Website

My new business website was launched yesterday. Please take a look here.

The aim of my site is to provide help and advice to any organisation that wishes to achieve growth. As you can see from the screen shot above, my focus is to help these companies to grow, without obsessing over sales. Provocative? I hope so!

The site contains information on:

  • how to achieve 3 different growth strategies
  • my brand of ‘practical business improvement’ and how my projects are delivered
  • latest news, such as speaking engagements and new projects
  • my clients’ results – real testimonials to download and case studies

The site also contains a library of free articles. These range from general information on how to tackle a subject, to a complete ‘how-to’ guide. The library is in it’s infancy so keep visiting as I’m uploading new articles on a regular basis.

What do you think to my new site? Is it helpful? Is there anything you would like adding to it?


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