New Project

Today was the start of a new project. The client is a large engineering company based in Ripon, with a worldwide market. This project will last about 6 months with contribution from me around once every 2 to 3 weeks.
The business is growing, with huge potential for fresh orders, but to win a large proportion of the available new business they need to demonstrate their competence in several ways:
– provide evidence of meeting relevant regulation (this requires a systematic approach)
– implement several industry standards to provide assurance that their products and services meet industry levels of quality (we’ll actually exceed these standards)
– improve productivity so that the processes and systems can cope with an increase in workload to meet the demand of new business won
– formalise and standardise best practice
– achieve certification to ISO 9001 and become the leaders in their industry

But, why did they approach me? According to my contact:

– I have an ‘approachable’ personality
– I’m down to earth
– I created a project full of value rather than deliverables or methodology
– My brand (practical business improvement) is desirable and speaks volumes
– The results I’ve achieved for other companies is ‘impressive’.

Great feedback, and I’m really excited to be working with such an influential company (they really are specialists in their field).

This is turning out to be an incredible week; yesterday, I received an enquiry regarding helping a large oil company in the Middle East improve their standards, systems and processes. Watch this space!

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