New Product! The C-E-M Programme

My new product launches this week. Shockingly, according to the Wall Street Journal, 60% of internal improvement projects fail. My C-E-M programme ensures my clients’ projects don’t.

The 3 phases of the process are:

Clarify – shedding light on the things that cause fire-fighting, complaints, bottlenecks, etc. Defining their impact and creating solutions.

Enable – Empowering staff to deliver work packages according to the project plan. Implementation, coaching, mentoring.

Maintain – Sustaining the improvement & installing systems to continually improve performance.

Each phase is a separate package, logically following each other in sequence.

Typical results include:

  • Eliminating fire-fighting
  • Increasing workload with same resource
  • Winning new tender bids & contracts
  • Becoming industry benchmarks
  • Increase market share
  • Eliminate complaints

Read more about it here or contact me directly on 07986 442979.

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