New for 2016! Quality Manager Coaching

I have a new service for 2016 for which I already have 1 new client for.

In response to my meeting so many individuals in organisations who have had ‘quality’ landed on their desks, I have put together a coaching package that will educate, de-stress and stimulate the new or current Quality Manager.

Some benefits include:

– Understand the roles and responsibilities of a ‘quality manager’

– Get a better understanding of the requirements of a quality management system

– Gain the skills for more effective communication of 027-J271 - Copy‘quality’ issues with top management and colleagues

– Learn methods and techniques to establish and implement a quality management system

– Get a better understanding of the required knowledge and skill to fulfill the role, and identify any knowledge and skill gaps to fill.

Of course, ISO 9001: 2015 features heavily in the programme but the key value here is to ‘future-proof’ the Quality Manager.

More details are on my website here, or contact me to discuss.

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