Moving Forward

I have had several interesting conversations this week regarding getting back to some kind of normal, and what the priorities over the next quarter should be.

I’m sure most organisations during this pandemic have never stopped considering where the next order is going to come from. Now the economy is beginning to open up, getting those orders in must be the #1 priority.

And so, now is the time to focus, or re-focus on your quality effort. Organisations now more than ever need their customers to have confidence in their products and services. New and potential customers must be able to know that that their needs and expectations will be understood and met, every time.

And of course, things may be different now. Organisations have had to adapt. Therefore your processes need to adapt too. The interests and needs of your stakeholders may have changed, and the way you serve customers may need to be adapted.

Your management system is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s processes should be re-aligned to any changes, and the resource required for those processes re-trained and re-purposed.

Management system monitoring, measuring and performance indicators may all require re-alignment to provide you with the data necessary to make key decisions in the coming months.

Certification is of paramount importance. External, independent validation of your system contributes to winning new customers and keeping current ones. It opens new doors and saves time and energy when working with local councils, government and key suppliers.

You may wish to consider the ISO standards to which you are currently certified against. Still relevant? Not enough? New requirements? Organisations can be certified to as many ISO standards as required – the key is to identify which add value internally and externally.

And finally, finance is going to be scrutinised over the coming months, so take this opportunity to look at the processes in your system and consider how effective they are. Could they be more productive, efficient, faster, more accurate?

What are your quality concerns now that industry is starting to move again?

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