Look Internally, not Externally

On several recent occasions I have been asked by my contacts about where they might find their barriers to growth. When I asked them to give me their thoughts on what is holding their business back, here are some of the answers:

  • The markets won’t allow us to do business
  • The sector isn’t really suited to us
  • That client would be great for us but they won’t speak to me
  • Our IT is what lets us down

Rather than look for blame – look internally. Every business has opportunities (if they look for them), so instead of focusing on negatives, look at what the company is lacking that once improved, can result in new business. Think internally by considering:

  • your processes – are they out of date? Can they handle new/increased business?
  • your people – are they working to your objectives and do they have the skills?
  • customer feedback – do you delight your customers or do they only visit you once?
  • your systems – are your departments and people working as a unit or as separate teams?
  • fire-fighting – wasting time solving problems or re-working erodes profits and increases stress. Eliminate it so that you can deliver what’s needed every single time across the organisation.
  • your standards – how do your people know what is great, OK or poor?
  • your certifications – how do you demonstrate competence to a market that you have had no previous experience in?

Don’t think that barriers to your growth are always external. Look internally, and you will identify a multitude of opportunities, that, once acted upon, will remove the barriers to growth and enable you to win new business, more repeat business, and attract investment.

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