imagesAs a teenager, I kept a diary for 4 years. Not only was it terrific fun to read back on, but the discipline of writing down what I had done that day and how I felt was beneficial in many ways.

As I became older, diarising my life wasn’t a priority!

However, I now realise that I have been keeping a ‘diary’ of my business for several years.

I prefer to call this journaling.

Journaling involves keeping notes on a daily basis about:

  • what you are doing in your business today
  • what is going well
  • what need attention
  • how you are feeling about things
  • the results of your actions

The benefits are enormous.

  • I’m able to trace back to where a decision was made, and why I made it.
  • I have a record of client feelings, issues and actions
  • I can account for my time and effort
  • I’m able to see how productive I am (or not)
  • I have a record of business development

Do you keep a record of your activities on a daily basis? Can you account for your own productivity?

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