ISO 9001:2015 Gap Analysis

Have you been hard at work updating you quality management system to meet ISO 9001: 2015?

Do you need to monitor your progress and see how far you have come – and what you have still to do?

Or, perhaps you don’t have a certified quality management system, but you have been creating one and need some feedback on where you are with regards to meeting the standard.

The results of a gap analysis is invaluable to any organisation looking to transition to ISO 9001: 2015 or, implement a new system to the standard.

My gap analysis will tell you exactly how far you have come, what needs to still be done, and will provide you with information that enables you to move forward towards certification in a confident, professional manner.

I will test your system against the requirements of the standard, including all new requirements since the update, and those that have been enhanced. I will look for conformity first and foremost, and evaluate whether the requirement has been met totally, partially or not at all.

I can also help you meet all requirements that you do not comply with, if you so wish.

A Gap analysis takes 2 full days, and I will ask you over 300 questions – be prepared!

This is an opportunity to test your system in a non-threatening environment, and gain valuable information on the status of your quality management system.

You will be provided with a report that you can use to generate your own improvement plans and be totally prepared for your certification visit.

Don’t let your certification company tell you whether your own system conforms to ISO 9001: 2015. Instead, tell them.

For further information, and to book a Gap Analysis, contact me on 07986 442979 or visit here.



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