ISO 9001 Transition Guidance – New Requirements

OK Рafter being asked and asked some more, I have put together a checklist of new requirements that need to be addressed when you are updating your management system to ISO 9001: 2015. Do bear in mind that there are also numerous enhanced requirements in the new standard that you need to address. I will post a guide on these later.

If you need more information on a  specific requirement, just get in touch in the usual way.

  1. Understanding the organisation and its context. Make provision for:
    1. information regarding internal and external issues relevant to the organisation
    2. the process of monitoring the internal and external issues
    3. considering the impact of any changes to these issues
  2. Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties. Make provision for:
    1. information about interested parties who could affect the QMS
    2. Information about their needs and expectations
    3. the process of monitoring and reviewing interested parties and their needs
  3. Leadership and commitment. Make provision for:
    1. how top management ensure the QMS is compatible with the strategic direction of the company
    2. how top management takes responsibility for the QMS
    3. how top management promotes risk based thinking
    4. how top management promotes customer focus and improvement
    5. how top management ensures the QMS achieves the intended results

Let me know how you are getting on with your transition.

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