ISO 9001 is Changing

Quality matters to customers. If your business gives your customer a good experience they are more likely to return and continue to use your business. This is why quality management should be at the top of your business agenda. 

Having a Quality Management System (QMS) in place will help your business meet its customers’ requirements, save money and time on resources, increase profits and give you that step you need to always be ahead of your competitors. 

ISO 9001 – the best standard for quality

BS EN ISO 9001 Quality management systems. Requirements is the world’s most popular standard. It’s been implemented by millions of organisations in over 175 countries.

ISO 9001 provides a framework for building a QMS that reflects an organisation’s particular needs. A well-designed QMS will help you to plan, run and monitor every part of your business and continually improve on the areas that need some extra attention. It will also take you to the next step of your quality management journey and help prepare your organisation for certification if you wish (not mandatory – I have clients who benefit from the standard without certification).

ISO 9001 has changed

Now is a perfect time to implement or review your existing QMS, as the world of quality management is changing. ISO 9001 has been revised to ensure it remains relevant to the marketplace. The new version of ISO 9001 will be published later this month.

If you are already certifed to ISO 9001, your existing standard will eventually be withdrawn and a transition will need to be made to the new standard by 2018. So it’s crucial you plan for the new standard now.

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