ISO 9001: 2015 – Communication

No more, ‘I wasn’t aware of that’!!

Clause 7.3 ‘Awareness’ is now a clause in its own right: people working under an organisation’s control should be aware of the quality policy, objectives, their contributions to QMS, implications of non-conformities etc. There will be an increased emphasis on awareness to ensure that everyone knows the implications of not conforming to the management system requirements.

Which leads into Clause 7.4 ‘Communication’ – internal and external communications are now a requirement. It’s up to you to decide what/who/when and how you are communicating. Communication is important for both internal and external stakeholders and an organisation must develop a communication plan. It is important to decide who will own the communication and ensure that they have the appropriate authority, competencies and knowledge.

The communication plan can include a variety of mediums including briefings, meetings, seminars, conferences and newsletters.

In my experience, many problems in organisations stem from poor communication, and so I believe this new requirement is going bring real benefits to organisations that embrace the new ISO 9001 standard.

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