ISO 39001 – The New Standard in Road Traffic Safety Management

ISO 39001 is a new international standard designed to help vehicle fleet operators adopt a structured and holistic approach to managing the risk of death and serious injury from road traffic. The standard sets out a harmonised, best practice method for fleet operators to manage road safety risks.

BS ISO 39001 is a new standard which aims to encourage organisations to actively contribute to road traffic safety (RTS). By adopting the best-practice management framework set out in BS ISO 39001, businesses and enterprises can actively contribute to reducing the risk of death and serious injury from road traffic in areas within their sphere of influence. The new standard is an invaluable tool for any organisation that recognises the advantages of implementing an occupational road safety management system, both for itself and its stakeholders. These include the organisation’s employees, board and investors, customers and society at large.


  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Reduced repair bills
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Improved social responsibility credentials
  • Increased consumer confidence
  • Tendering advantage
  • Robust framework for identifying and mitigating risk
  • Improved efficiencies and resource allocation

The BS ISO 39001 standard provides a common, agreed best practice management framework for tackling road safety risks, both for governments and fleet operators. It compliments existing road traffic safety (RTS) programmes and regulations, and sets out harmonised and state-of-the-art requirements for managing fleet safety. These are based on international expertise and applicable to all countries.

The standard is based on a process approach to encouraging continuous improvement, proven by successful ISO standards such as ISO 9001. By adopting the structured, holistic approach set out in BS ISO 39001, organisations should be able to improve their RTS results beyond mere compliance with laws while contributing to society’s wider goal of fewer road injuries and fatalities.

The management system specified in BS ISO 39001 is designed to help an organisation focus on its RTS objectives and targets, and guides the planning of RTS activities.

Many organisations already have policies and procedures in place aimed at reducing occupational road risk, but the introduction of a specific standard in this area should encourage more fleet operators to adopt a comprehensive, focused and evidence-based approach to reducing road safety risks. In turn, this will benefit society as a whole and all organisations that use the road system, both here and abroad.

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