ISO 14001 – update

As I previously reported, ISO 14001: 2004 is under review.

The EMS standard is being revised in line with a new high-level structure for all management system standards adopted by ISO, and a series of wide-ranging recommendations from ISO’s EMS Future Challenges report. Key changes in the revised draft standard include:

  • Understanding the organisation’s strategic context and engagement with interested parties
  • Greater focus on environmental performance improvement across the value chain
  • Evaluating organisational risks and opportunities in the context of external environmental conditions (e.g. adapting to climate change, resource availability)
  • Strengthening requirements on the involvement of top management and integration of environmental management into core business processes and alignment with business strategy
  • Greater clarity on external communication, including emphasis on data quality and assurance.

The proposed changes will mean organisations need to focus on building environment into their core business.

The new standard is expected to be published in June 2015, ahead of the new ISO 9001 standard.

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