How to Win More Repeat Business

How often do your customers come back for more? Do they buy from you in small quantities? Do they purchase a wide range of your services and products or a select few?

I’m often asked how I help organisations to increase their repeat business – especially as I am NOT a sales specialist.

To win more business from your current customer base, you need to leverage your quality. Here’s a few techniques I use:

  • Monitor your customer’s perceptions of your business – and take appropriate action. Make it easy to do business with you. Make it even easier for people who have already bought from you, to buy again. Base your actions on fact. What do they like about your company? (do more of it). What don’t they like? (fix it – and let them know about it).
  • Implement business standards appropriate to your products and services. Standards demonstrate the abilities of your organisation and providence confidence in your products and services. If there are standards published – implement them – and tell your customers. If there aren’t any appropriate published standards (very unlikeley), create your own – and tell your customers.
  • Improve your processes. streamline how you deliver your products and services to your customers so that the entire process is smooth, and ensure a pleasant experience both for you and your customers. Improve your processes so that you always deliver on-time, every time.
  • Eliminate all errors and mistakes. We all make mistakes every now and again. However, if your customer has to put up with regular hiccups, they may start to look elsewhere. You need a system to capture problems, deal with them, and then a process to change something so it never happens again. Stop fire-fighting!
  • Take complaints seriously. Create a system to capture complaints (in all forms), analyse them, and to take action. Taking action means to change something so that the complaint never happens again. Also, include your customer in the process. Let them know how important their feedback is and what you are doing about it. You can turn a complainant into one of your best clients.

Which of these strategies will you use to increase the amount of business you receive from your current customer base?

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