How to Maintain your Certification

Do you know what you need to do AFTER your successful certification audit, and understand how to do it?

Has your company ever been in a state of panic a couple of weeks before the next surveillance visit from your certification body?

If you are planning certification, do you really understand what you need to do afterwards, to keep your certificate and ensure your management system remains compliant? How much work is involved? What will the cost be? Do we have the time?

In my experience, the hard work starts once certification has been achieved. The focus and drive that enabled you to get across the finish line is at risk after the event.

In reality, there are many activities that have to happen to ensure you remain certified and don’t get into a panic before the next visit by the certification body.

It might be worthwhile considering a 1-day session, involving the key members of your team, to understand:

  • the certification process and cycle
  • expectations of certification bodies
  • what certification actually means
  • what certification bodies will look for at every visit
  • the activities you and your team need to be performing on a regular basis
  • the evidence you need to be able to demonstrate continued compliance

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