How Resilient is your Business?

bs65000Introducing BS 65000:2014 – Guidance for Organisational Resilience

Resilience is crucial for any organisation to survive and prosper. But what exactly is resilience and how can it be improved?

The answer is contained within a new standard, BS 65000, which describes the nature of resilience and ways to build and enhance resilience in your company.

BS 65000 defines organisational resilience as the ability to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to events – both sudden shocks and gradual change. That means being adaptable, competitive, agile and robust. I struggle to think of a company who wouldn’t want to be resilient!

One way to improve resilience is by integrating and coordinating the various operational disciplines in an organisation, and so BS 65000 draws on other standards relating to these disciplines (such as ISO 22301). The standard recognises that it is essential to build resilience not only within an organisation but across networks and in partnership with others.

In short, BS 65000:
• clarifies the meaning of resilience
• highlights the key components of resilience
• helps an organisation to measure its resilience and make improvements
• identifies good practice found in other disciplines and defined in existing standards

BS 65000 will be very valuable to anyone responsible for building resilience in their company. Potential benefits of working with this new standard include:

  • Adapt/improvise successfully to unforeseen and disruptive changing business environments
  • Gain a competitive edge by identifying gaps and taking advantage of opportunities
  • Be more agile and innovative by learning from trends
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency by avoiding potential pitfalls
  • Obtain a better understanding of risks and opportunities
  • Preserve and improve your reputation by being seen as vigilant and robust
  • Create trust amongst external clients and internally amongst staff
  • Promote a culture of shared purpose and values

For more information on the standard and how to gain these benefits, contact me on or 07986 442979

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