How are you Handling Complaints?

Customer complaints are almost inevitable these days because there are so many easy channels that allow consumers to leave feedback, sometimes publicly, which can cause reputational damage. What matters is how consumer-facing organisations deal with those complaints quickly and effectively to prevent escalation and ensure that customers are satisfied.

An invaluable new tool for doing so is BS 8543 – a new British Standard  which specifies good practice in complaints handling.

What the standard covers

BS 8543: 2015 – Complaint handling in organisations – Specification,  has been written by complaints management experts  and provides a road-map with which any type of organisation can implement a complaint-handling process. This includes planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement.

The aim is to handle complaints in such a way that organisations improve reputation, enhance customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty and retain customers. Additionally, organisations using the standard will:

  • embed a customer-focused approach to resolving complaints
  • encourage personnel to improve their customer-skills
  • improve competitiveness and help reduce the number of complaints.

To turn complaints from a problem into a genuine business opportunity, consider using BS 8543.

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