End of Project Observations

I have just finished a fantastic project for client in the vehicle industry. Here are a few observations that I made during the work:

  • People will always do things in the way that they were first shown. Certain people won’t make changes unless they are invited to. You need to create a culture of change and innovation and allow people to experiment, make mistakes and improve.
  • Distractions are twofold. First, they take the person away from the task in hand, stopping progress. Secondly, after the distraction has been dealt with, it is harder to pick up the pieces. Look at the distractions around you and eliminate them.
  • People like to store key information in their heads. But what happens when someone leaves, needs cover, or specifications change? Write it down! Create customer specification documents so that everyone knows what they are. Create checklists to make sure important activities actually happen when they need to happen. Define work instructions to create standards and eliminate variation.
  • We have become obsessed with ‘covering’ ourselves, ‘just in case’. We print endless reports, emails, documents, and file them so that we can look them up IF the unthinkable happens. If the unthinkable happened, could you actually retrieve the item from the hundreds of archive boxes? What do you really need to be able to provide a reasonable trail? Devise a ‘paperless’ system where data is easy to retrieve, and don’t be tempted to produce a duplicate hard copy!
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