Don’t ‘work the phones’!

‘If you want to grow your business, stop stressing about sales!’

That’s part of a conversation I had with the Managing Director of a firm last week. I asked him what his current challenges were, and he instantly replied that his current obsession is getting more sales in. On asking him why he needed more sales, he told me that his turnover had become static, and so he has 2 meetings a day with his telesales team where he instructs them to ‘work the phones’.

Phones aren’t meant to be ‘worked’. You can’t force sales. Business is built on relationships.

Instead, he should be looking at why his turnover isn’t increasing as per his plan. What’s holding it back? Clearly, his business is experiencing barriers to growth.

All companies, like marathon runners, hit a wall, no matter what size they are, sector they are in, or how long they have been trading. I have worked with businesses of 4 or 5 years old, and also many that have been trading 20+ years, and they all have ‘barrier-symptoms’.

So stop working the phones and instead, get your company in the best possible shape to attract and win more business.

What’s holding you back?

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