Do You Feel Valued at Work?


Do you feel valued at work? Honestly? I come across so many people who are frustrated, unhappy, or under-utilised.

There is new standard that can help.

BS 76000 provides a framework for organisations to value people, for the mutual benefit of both parties.

This principles-based management system standard is based on the premise that people are an organization’s biggest asset and should be treated as such – so that the organisation gets the most out of them, and people get the most out of their working life.

The central principles are:

  • The interests of staff and other stakeholders are integral to the best interests of an organisation
  • The organisation is part of wider society and has a responsibility to operate in a fair and socially responsible manner
  • Commitment to valuing people should come from the most senior leaders of an organisation
  • The people who work for an organisation have rights over and above those in law or regulation, and these rights and legal protections are respected by the organisation

BS 76000 uses the core structure and common text developed by ISO for all its management system standards, with additional guidance inserted to make it easier to understand and implement. Therefore, it is possible to integrate BS 7600 into your current management system.

This standard was developed by experts from industry bodies, employers and unions, and refined by a 100-day public consultation.

BS 76000 will help organizations of all sizes recognise the actual and potential value of their people and help develop a new and effective working partnership for sustainable success.

Contact me for help and advice in getting the best from implementing this standard in your business.


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