Demonstrating the Concept of Enabling Growth

My client is a leading provider of cleaning services to the corporate market, currently servicing some 100 clients across the UK, employing 10 full-time staff, 350 part-time (as required) cleaning staff and turning over £3m per year.

Having lost out on large lucrative contracts, the company reached a plateau in 2011, unable to meet the growth that it planned for and felt that it should be achieving.

Chasing growth was a short-term fix: cold-calling offices and companies, which resulted in a handful of small, low-profit jobs.

However, working with ADM Solutions identified the following barriers that were holding the business back from achieving its potential:

  • Inconsistent service standards. The largest contracts required consistently high standards of cleaning, every time.
  • Lack of controls in place to monitor performance. A lack of controls meant that problems occurred and weren’t dealt with, resulting in fire-fighting and time-wasting.
  • No formal certifications. To win new business at the highest level, a lack of formal certifications was holding the business back.

To overcome these barriers, our project delivered:

  • A formal management system that defined how the company met the needs of its customers, creating flow, improving communication and transparency across the business.
  • A system that identified when a problem occurred and implemented some form of change to ensure it never happened again. This resulted in eliminating fire-fighting and negative customer feedback.
  • Certification to ISO 9001: 2008 provided assurance of the capabilities of the company to interested parties.

Thus, enabling the business to grow in this way, resulted in:

  • The ability to tender for work previously unobtainable, resulting in winning £70k of business every month from the first tender won.
  • Less stress and more time to ensure work is performed right first time, freeing up time to work on winning business.
  • Consistency and standardisation across the business that enhanced the brand and ensured traceability so that performance was easily monitored
  • The ability to win new contracts by formally demonstrating competence – resulting in the award of a £150k contract within 3 months of project completion.

Compared to chasing sales and working the phones, enabling growth may be a new concept, but the results are startling.

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