Coaching – A Limited Offer

Over the past 6 months, I have noticed a growing demand for coaching from both current and clients whom I have worked with in the past. My coaching services (click here for more information) are now my most sought after service.

The reason I offer coaching is to give something back. I remember how I felt when I first entered the quality arena, how overwhelmed I felt, and I really wasn’t sure how to prioritise my time. I’ve now worked in ‘quality’ for more than 20 years, with 16 of those years being in my own business, working with all kinds of organisations in all kinds of industries (healthcare…print…IT…robotics…chemicals…food…). I have a lot of experience, and a lot of tools and techniques. And so the time has come to pass these on.

You may have seen from my LinkedIn activity that I am a registered coach with the CQI and available to offer coaching and mentoring to other CQI Members. If you are a new CQI member and new to the quality industry, you may want to make use of this service (click here for more information).

If you feel you would benefit from structured and tailored 1 to 1 coaching (job-related) and mentoring (career/personal-related) support, to help you progress your role and career in the quality industry, then I have an offer that may be of interest.

I’m offering a package of support consisting of:

  • 2 visits to you per month: 1 to 1 sessions for half a day each
  • Telephone support up to 2 hours throughout the month
  • Unlimited email support

Support is tailored, but typically, you can expect that we will cover:

  • Interpreting ‘quality’ within the context of the organisation – what does quality mean and how does it affect the company both positively and negatively
  • Understanding quality requirements and how to prioritise them based on the needs of the company and their interested parties
  • Defining the role of the quality manager
  • Defining ‘requirements’ and how quality needs to meet them
  • Getting value from auditing
  • Best practice
  • Implementing ISO 9001
  • Delivering quality projects
  • Understanding legislation and other legal requirements and ensuring they are fulfilled
  • Managing time
  • Process definition and improvement
  • The role of standards in organisations
  • The certification process

The duration and cost of the support is based on requirements.

This package is only available for a limited time. Sign up is from now until end of June 2019. If you are interested, contact me in the usual way.

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