Client Testimonial

Following the completion of a project earlier this year, I was delighted to receive the following message from my client this week:

Good morning Alistair,

We are very pleased to be able to have made the transition from ISO9001: 2008 to the latest 2015 version and appreciate the significant input and advice you gave USG-GLEDCO in attaining a successful conclusion.

You will remember that I had only recently taken over the quality function at USG and whereas I was familiar with the old system I had low understanding of the requirements of a process driven system.

The structure and support you provided was critical and your patience equally important as I realigned my thinking to the new way of driving a QMS.

In no way was it a case of “I have done it for you” but very much a case of understanding the framework and applying it to the business.

The way you mentor your clients leaves them, in our case, with the knowledge to understand fully what is required from the new standard. This of course makes it fairly simple when dealing with BSI audits, as the confidence gained comes across to them that you actually understand what you are doing, rather than going through the motions.  

All we have to do now is maintain and improve the system; no pressure there then!

Thanks for all you help,

Richard Gledhill, Managing Director

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