Can You Afford Not to Have an Energy Audit?

Acting responsibly in regards to an organisation’s impact on the environment is one element of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). CSR can create competitive advantage for a company, and overcome several barriers to growth associated with winning new contracts.

The first step to towards reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency (and therefore reducing energy costs) is to carry out an energy audit.

But how would you do that?

BS EN 16247: 2012 is the NEW standard for carrying out an energy audit,

An energy audit is an important step for an organisation, whatever its size or type, wanting to improve its energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and bring related environmental benefits.

This European Standard defines the attributes of a good quality energy audit. It states the requirements for energy audits and corresponding obligations within the energy auditing process. It recognises that there are differences in approach to energy auditing in terms of scope, aims and thoroughness, but seeks to harmonise common aspects of energy auditing in order to bring more clarity and transparency to the market for energy auditing services.

This standard applies to commercial, industrial, residential and public-sector organisations, excluding individual private dwellings.

So, if you are looking for a ‘best-practice’ method to find out how your organisation can save costs, reduce energy consumption and reduce its environmental impact, look no further!

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