Benefits of ISO 9001 to Small Businesses

Certification to ISO 901 isn’t just for the larger organisations. The standard can be embraced by small and micro businesses as well, and here are some of the benefits:

  • Staff will have a common, logical system with consistent and repeatable processes for consistently getting things right
  • Staff will appreciate the benefits of the QMS (clearly defined and agreed processes), which will effectively support everybody day-to-day and in any situation that could arise
  • Through the enhanced system you will all have a clearer understanding of what each person needs to do and how, which means you do not have to waste time memory testing, and searching for information
  • Certification enables you to tender potential new customers and increase business. This is possible as the certificate gives them confidence in your business
  • Staf fare able to speedily respond if things go wrong and agree a course of corrective action to prevent risk of a more serious outcome
  • As problems are recorded as a result of the system, staff have the ability to collectively consider actions to correct and prevent recurrence. Should another problem arise there is a processes in place that the team can use to identify and resolve the problem more speedily
  • Through the improvement in business control and reporting you will have a clearer view of how the business is doing and any aspects that should be looked at in more detail

Small and micro businesses use ISO 9001 to improve business performance AND to win new sizeable contracts that wouldn’t be achievable without it. For more information, contact me on

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