How I work with my clients

New practices, processes and standards


Planning and delivering effective projects; transferring my knowledge and skills to you. I can ‘do it for you’, or teach you to do it for yourself.

Increasing the effectiveness of an individual


Improving the effectiveness of your people in charge of quality. Working closely with people to transfer skills, be a sounding board & address concerns.

An external resource

Single requirements, retainers and contracts

My clients have different needs, therefore I may help them with one specific requirement, work with them over a fixed period of time, or become a long-term regular resource.

Why my clients value me

Protecting their reputation

Through the management of improvement and risk mitigation we reduce the chances of things going wrong

Increasing business performance

The achievement of best practice business standards and certifications sends a powerful message to the marketplace

Increasing business performance

Simplifying how things get done by defining, documenting and improving business processes


I am qualified by my professional institute, The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), and I am bound by their code of conduct. I am also down to earth!

What it means to work with me

No day rates

Unlike other consultants, I do not have a day rate. There is never a meter running! I work on a project basis and the fee is based on value. This is the most ethical means of running a consultancy business.

No jargon

My clients tell me that I’m approachable, down to earth and that I empathise with them. Plain English please!

Occam's Razor

Often, the simplest solution is best. Why complicate things? I like simple! And so do my clients.

24/7 support

I won’t be on-site 5 days a week, so all my clients enjoy 24/7 access to me during projects. They have the support they need in order to progress without me physically taking their time.

Alistair Manning MBA, CQP MCQI, FCMI

I have been privileged to work with a variety of high-profile international organisations in industries ranging from healthcare to robotics, across the UK, France, Italy, Germany and the US.

Having achieved Chartered status, I am a committed Quality Professional and base my approach around a number of core competencies that are required by the Chartered Quality Institute. Based on this, I deliver my projects through a mix of core services.

I’m a Chartered Quality Professional. I began corporate life in the textile industry in the mid 1990’s, working with suppliers in the Far East to help improve the quality of their products and increase standards. In 1999 I became a technologist for a leading jewellery business, and helped improve quality which secured a lucrative contract with Marks and Spencer Plc. My next position was the European Quality Manager for a large distributor of health and fitness equipment (including Reebok, Weider and Pro-form), working at sites in UK, France, Germany, Italy and USA to gain certification to ISO 9001 at each site, and to set up improvement projects dealing with process improvement. In 2003 I founded ADM Solutions, focusing on helping organisations to understand and improve quality. I have an MBA from the University of Huddersfield, and have achieved Chartered Quality Professional status with the Chartered Quality Institute along with Fellowship of the Chartered Management Institute. I am also an IRCA Certificated Lead Auditor. IRCA is the professional institute for management systems auditors, and I hold the Lead Auditor qualification for ISO 9001 quality management systems, ISO 14001 environmental management systems and ISO 22301 business continuity management systems.

I help organisations to:

-Protect their reputation by avoiding the potentially catastrophic consequences of getting things wrong

-Enhance reputation by optimising standards, processes and certifications to maximise value for their stakeholders and customers

-Improve profitability and create value for money by optimising operational efficiency through the elimination of unnecessary cost and waste

-Transform at pace via ground-breaking coaching and project management.

If your organisation has a need to improve quality, contact me for advice, direction or just a friendly chat.