5 Reasons to Review Your Business Standards

  1. The world in which we are doing business in is changing rapidly. There is always someone looking to do it better, faster, smarter. How are you keeping ahead of the competition?
  2. What is your USP? Your standards should drive the implementation of your USP.
  3. Your business is recognised by its standards. Your customers and other stakeholders talk about you. Make sure it’s a positive conversation.
  4. Internal standards and policies align your vision (and brand) with reality. They create the culture and performance of your business.
  5. Standards provide confidence in the abilities of your business. They open doors to new business, maintain current business, and allow you to lead a market.

Which standards matter to your business?

  • answering the phone within 5 rings?
  • meeting client deadlines?
  • winning business awards?
  • achieving certification (ISO 9001, Achilles, etc.)?
  • product standards and conformity?
  • company dress-code?

I’m working with different clients on each of these standards. They are all relevant to the success of the business and need to be:

  1. understood
  2. communicated
  3. implemented
  4. measured
  5. improved

How are standards contributing to your success? 

What are the standards that you will need to meet in the next 12 months?

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