5 Quality Warning Signs

If you have customers, you work with quality. It’s as simple as that. However, that doesn’t mean you proactively manage quality in your organisation. In my experience, around 60% of businesses don’t understand organisational quality. I still meet people who say they ‘did it’ but it didn’t work (whatever ‘it’ is), and sadly there are still those out there who think quality is for manufacturing companies. You can’t make this up! Put simply, every business that provides services, advice or products to customers get involved in quality within their organisations. This doesn’t mean they are conscious of it, but it does mean that the basic elements are present. If you believe that quality is about the final product or service delivered to your customer, then think again. When that product or service is delivered, it’s too late. Quality has been delivered, whether it’s acceptable, rejected, poor margins, late, early…you get the picture. To ensure profitability, quality has to be managed, which involves a multitude of business elements, including stakeholders, leadership, suppliers, and your processes.

Here are 5 indicators that could mean quality in your business is not being managed:

  1. Repeat business is drying up
  2. Your staff are frustrated with the company and how it works
  3. You can’t break into new markets
  4. You aren’t winning tenders that you really ought to be winning
  5. You seem to fire-fight most situations and see the same problems time and time again

Are any of these familiar? Let me know – I’ll post some practical advice that might just be what you need.

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